My “Lives” Matter

I’m an Emergency Room nurse. I see “all lives” every day in the profession I choose to work.  I see the poor and the privileged, blacks and whites, cops and criminals, Muslims and Christians, those with mental compromise and those with physical illness. Gay and straight, kids and the elderly, men and women — everyone is at your local ER and the lives I meet share one common thing — me.

They need me!  Most of them didn’t expect to meet me but I knew they’d be there.  Most don’t want to be in my ER but there I find myself in their time of need.

Is this my time to judge or to care?

Should I place a label or an IV line?

Do I worsen the hurt or do I get to it and heal?

If I’m honest, I’ve practiced on both sides of the questions; this is no longer an option. I can’t watch all that’s going on in this wacky world, nutty nation and schizophrenic community and not look inward at my responsibility.

Am I going to make a change or be paralyzed by inaction?

Am I permanently blind or can my eyes be healed?

Do I remain consciously sedated or do I wake up to do the mission I’m called to do?

Time will tell as I use this blog to tell the story of my “lives” — the people I encounter in making me a patient nurse.



5 thoughts on “My “Lives” Matter

  1. I am looking forward to reading your Blog. It will be a great one, I know. Maybe I will even recognize and remember some of the trials and tribulations you encountered along the way! It was a wonderful time in my career. You go, Adam!

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  2. Keep writing Adam! Your blog is excellent, I feel like I’m there with you. Hope to see you soon.
    Aunty Em


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