Waiting alert by the ambulance entrance,

Police sirens heard wailing in distance.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Life’s changed in an instance,

The battle is on: Death versus Existence!


So much aware, you’re just borrowing time,

Golden Hour’s clock, 15 minutes down line.

Open the door, the body’s supine,

We’re losing, we’ve lost! Just settle your mind!


Pulled from the Paddy, flipped on the bed,

He’s mouthing some words, don’t know what he said.

Caught in the moment, his shirt soaked in red,

Mission: Revive a frame riddled with lead.


Punch through the door, roll to Bay Three,

A, B, C, D, don’t forget E!

Committed to fight, there’s no option to flee,

Death’s grasp is closing, Team break him free!


Intubate, place lines, drill an I.O.

In slides a cooler, units red, units yellow

“Just lost his pulse” hear someone bellow

“We’re opening his chest” now the surgical fellow


Don’t blink an eye, it happens in a flash,

Scalpel number ten cuts its precise slash.

Rib spreader opens its gruesome gash,

Slide side the lung, shows the heart in its cache.


A quivering, pale muscle near empty of blood,

Open those lifelines, just make it flood!

Time’s pressure weighing, like dragging through mud,

Enter the paddles, strike with electrical thud!


I feel it! I see it! Beat! Beat! Beat!

Death’s howl is fading, heading full in retreat!

Story rewritten: Man Dead on the Street

Now life the prize, mortality the cheat!