The Call

An Emergency nurse, of what is one made?

A master of none yet, a jack of all trade.

An amalgam of hero, passion and grit,

Add a tincture of myopia, audacity and spit.

Our mission is daunting but great the reward,

When from death’s grip, a life is restored.

Teamwork is requisite, no lone wolves apply,

A collaborative effort, our standard supply.

Myocardial infarction, Type “A” dissection,

Ketoacidosis requires acid-base correction.

Malignant hypertension, Sepsis infection.

Respiratory arrest needs tracheal intubation.

Abdominal pain, suicide ideation,

Pregnant and bleeding, shoulder dislocation.

CVA/TIA, mental status confusion,

Better act quick, needs a TPA infusion

What rolls through the door, one never knows.

From quiet to chaotic, ER life ebbs and flows.

Evidence based practice, never you doubt,

Credentials galore, prepared like a scout.


ENPC, PALS, CEN  – you must pass the test.

Distinguish yourself, your part makes entire,

A team called together to do something higher.

Possess what it takes to join this elite corps?

Consider, I ask you, this one attribute more.

Love is required for sister, for brother,

For stranger, for friend, for patients, for each other.

We stand on the front lines, ever sure, ever ready,

Our duty, an honor, a resolve that’s rock steady.

Day, Night, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

We’re Emergency Nurses – We answer the call!