Thankfulness is about optimism, reflecting on growth and the testing of one’s humanity;

It studies the paths we travel, the intersection of lives and how parts make the whole.

Thankfulness teaches us that pleasure is fleeting, temporary and disappointing;

It proves satisfaction is found in commitment, perseverance and overcoming.

Thankfulness is about living in life’s moments, being in the flow and fully engaging;

It distinguishes us by its requirement for intellect, creativity and yet, humility.

Thankfulness nurtures feelings, heals brokenness and restores hope;

It shows us our true strength, how far we can stretch and the value of vigor.

Thankfulness is about relating to others, connecting soul to soul and living love;

It allows vulnerability to lead to intimacy and unites the physical to the emotional.

Thankfulness commemorates relationships, those both now and lost;

It humbles us by revealing we are not self-made, self-actualized, or just plain self.

Thankfulness is about knowing life’s reason, purpose and meaning;

It gives us energy, motivation and a sense of mission in our deepest parts.

Thankfulness drives us to recognize all that we have, despite who we may be;

It gives worth to the unalike, the enemy and the near-forgotten.

Thankfulness is about triumph through trauma, the strive in the thrive and the joy despite pain;

It tells the story of A to Z by revealing the who we are through the help of others.

Thankfulness pushes us to seek Who and who are the secrets to fulfillment;

It permits us to flourish, endure and to be something more than ourselves.



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