I Am A Nurse



I save lives, repair fractured families and infuse hope into the hopeless,

I am a nurse

I cry behind the scenes, scream at injustice and shake my head asking “Why?”,

I am a nurse

I snap when pushed too far, say things I should filter and use sarcasm like a scalpel,

I am a nurse

I risk my safety for yours, advocate to a fault and demand the best of myself,

I am a nurse

I work holidays, miss too many birthdays and arrive late to my kids’ school events,

I am a nurse

I comfort those in pain, console the grief stricken and hold the hands of the lonely,

I am a nurse

I feel constrained by my limits, blame myself for failing and ache from caring for the broken,

I am a nurse

I work as a priest without a collar, a teacher without a classroom and a counselor without a couch,

I am nurse

I need NSAIDs for my joints, caffeine to stay awake and adrenaline to get me through this code,

I am a nurse

I would not do anything else, this work is a calling, people need me to be  _____________,

I am a nurse



4 thoughts on “I Am A Nurse

  1. I absolutely love this. It gave me chills and brought a tear to my eye. So much truth. I feel so thankful and blessed to be a part of this calling and this profession. Gosh, it’s so hard, but is there anything more rewarding?

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