Second Chances

Every time our HASTE (Hospital Alerting System Tone Encoded) alarms, my ears go up, the adrenaline surges and reality strikes — someone who never expected to be in an ER today is barreling towards their date with destiny. “Attention Emergency Department. Medic 3 is en route with a Trauma Alert. The patient is a 23…… Continue reading Second Chances

Books and their Covers

Help me Lord! Got the news I’m precepting a “baby” nurse.  She’s part of our new-to-practice nurse program – Gateway To Emergency Nursing;  little does she realize she stands at the threshold of the highway to hell!  Her name is Arriddea which I destroy on my first attempt. She timidly corrects me saying, “Air –…… Continue reading Books and their Covers

My “Lives” Matter

Everyone is at your local ER and the lives I meet share one common thing