Laughing at Death

Hearing “You’re going to love this patient” in ER nurse sign-out can go one of two ways. Fortunately, tonight is the good kind. My colleague and I finish report at Harriet’s bedside and when I say “Hi, I’m Adam.” she laughs and says, “Do you know the first thing Adam said to Eve in the…… Continue reading Laughing at Death

Second Chances

Every time our HASTE (Hospital Alerting System Tone Encoded) alarms, my ears go up, the adrenaline surges and reality strikes — someone who never expected to be in an ER today is barreling towards their date with destiny. “Attention Emergency Department. Medic 3 is en route with a Trauma Alert. The patient is a 23…… Continue reading Second Chances

Books and their Covers

Help me Lord! Got the news I’m precepting a “baby” nurse.  She’s part of our new-to-practice nurse program – Gateway To Emergency Nursing;  little does she realize she stands at the threshold of the highway to hell!  Her name is Arriddea which I destroy on my first attempt. She timidly corrects me saying, “Air –…… Continue reading Books and their Covers

My “Lives” Matter

Everyone is at your local ER and the lives I meet share one common thing